Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not a good start!

Day Two and I am not off to a good start...being a new knitter I thought I found the perfect, and easy pattern for a warm beanie cap for three Christmas gifts for guys on my son, one daughter's fiance, and one daughter's boyfriend. Cast on some wonderful Mission Falls 1824 wool
and set about my event. Not until I was 90% finished with my cap did I find out that it would be to small for the guys!!!!! It would be a great hat for smaller size heads, it is beautiful, and warm and soft, but still TO SMALL!!!!

Quandary to sleep on, do I finish the hat and gift it to a daughter on my list? I still must find a new, larger, pattern for the hats that I need for Christmas, but at least I would have 0ne leg of the race done for the Ravelympics.....or do I reclaim the yarn and start that hat over so that I finish with 3 hats for guys as originally signed up for??? Oh the ethics of it all.....

I would feel like I am cheating, and I am not a cheater!!!! Go Team Buffalo...I am off to frog the hat and reclaim the yarn. Motrin is on my list of allowable enhancements, I will be stopping at the medical station on my way to the stadium for frogging!

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